Tables in Las Rozas de Madrid

At Tikal Muebles, we help you decorate your space with our custom-made and fully customized tables. You can choose the color and size, adapting the product to your specific needs. The versatility of our tables allows them to be used in kitchens, dining rooms, offices, offices and for teleworking.

High Quality Tables

Our tables are made of oak and varnished with high quality products, which makes them very resistant and durable. In addition, the maintenance of our tables is very simple and does not require any specific action.

Timeless and Adaptable Design

The design of our tables is simple and timeless, adapting easily to any room in your home. The possibility of choosing colors and sizes makes each table a unique and exclusive product. You can also choose between fixed or extendable tables, depending on your needs.

Functionality and Craftsmanship

Functionality is a key feature of our furniture, along with quality and craftsmanship. Each table is unique and reflects a high standard of craftsmanship.